Physical Facilities of the institute

The Nursing Institute building is situated in Tea Auction Road Green Park Mallaguri, Siliguri both are compulsory residential training course. The Institute is having two & four storied building with ideal teaching learing set up and lecture Hall, labratory, Library, LCD projector, Hostal), kitchen Dining facilties. There is Sufficient number of toilet, bathroom & laundry facilities. The atmosphere is calm, quiet & ideal for teaching teaming process. There are well spacious set-up of :

  • Lecture Half-4 for B.Sc. Nursing
  • Lecture Hall 3 for GNM
  • Computer Lab with internet, facilities
  • Library Room with latest edition Book with sitting arrangement
  • Laboratory/Demonstration Room
  • Auditorium/ Multipurpose Hall
  • Study Room/ Common Room
  • Recreation Hall with TV & Indoor Game Facilities
  • A good ploy Ground for outdoor Games
  • Visitor Hall with reception section
  • Teachers meeting Room
  • Sickroom facilities for students
  • Teachers Hostel facilities

There are qualified & experienced Teachers in the Institute.

The Institute will arranges clinical experiences in North Bengal Medical College & Hospital and in Siliguri District Hospital. The community experience will be provided in rural setting & Urban Setting.

Necessary educational observational visit are arranged by the Institute. 3-4 Buses are there for transporting the students to the clinical/community f..

Availability of Application Kit

Linical Facilities

  • North Bengal Medical College & Hospital, Siliguri
  • Siliguri Sadar Hospital, Siliguri
  • Anandaloke Hospital & Neurosciences Centre, Siliguri
  • Anandaloke Sonoscan Centre Pvt. Ltd Siliguri

Community Facilities

  • Rural Community Experience, Sukna, Block primary Health Centre(BPHC), & Matigara BPHC Siliguri.
  • Urban community experience-Green Park, Ward no 46 Mallaguri, regulated by PPU, Siliguri Sadar Hospital.

Extra Curricular Activities of the Institute

  • Fresher welcome/farewell with cultural & recreational programme
  • Lamp lighting ceremony, 12 May on the eve of Florence Nightanglee’s Birthday (International Nurse's Day)
  • Teacher's Day Celebration
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Annual Sports
  • Picnic
  • Educational Excursion
  • Different national health programmes

Prospectus and application form can be obtained from the Office of MD. Anamdaloke Hospital and Neuroscience Certre 2nd Mile, Sevoke Road, Siliguri on payment Rs. 1000/- by cash only.

Health Facilities

  • There are provision for annual checkup & As and When Necessary
  • Vaccination against Tetanus & Hepatitis B must be completed before admission.
  • Sickness facilities in sick room.
  • Medical Care during illness with payment.
  • A Complete health record will be maintained by the Institute
  • Counselling & guidance facilities provided by the teachers
  • Parents/Visitors are allowed to meet the students in visiting time as well as in emergencies with the permission of Principal.
  • Visitor Card system will be regulated. Two (2) visitors card holder will be allowed to meet the students (this will be done for the safety of the students)

Requirement for Medical Examinations

Students will bring following reports at the time of admission
  • Blood tests for RE, ME, Hb% Bloodgroup & Rh,
  • Urine Test Routine
  • Chest X Ray
  • USG whole abdomen, V.Vision test