Admission Rules & Regulations

* Ragging Ia Strictly Prohibited

* Students to strictly follow all rules and regulations

* The copy of Rules and regulations will be provided on admission Class Room

* Students are supposed to be punctual in their class & clinical field with proper uniform

* They should be present in ward/class at sharp 8 am.

* Silence is to be maintained within the classroom with proper class till the respective teacher arrives.

Clinical Field

  • Students are expected to perform their duties according to their year of experience.
  • Clean Uniform, hairs tied to a neat bun with net, short nails, no nail polish and black covered shoes to be worn in clinical fields.
  • Pocket articles & daily diaries to be carried to clinical field. No Mobile is allowed in the class & clinicals
  • Student nursing will inform the on duty supervisor teacher staff nurse or sister in charge in case of any confusion while giving nursing care to patient.
  • Students are supposed to perform their related procedures under supervision & guidance of their Tutors/Sister in charge/Staff nurse on duty.


  • Students are expected to perform their duties according to their year of experience
  • They will keep their bed & belongings clean and tidy.
  • They shall keep their personal books & belongings on their own study table locker provided to them.
  • No cooking or use of any electrical gadgets other than light & fan, inside the room is allowed.
  • Room lights to be switched off within 10 pm, exceptional on preparatory leave and examinations when it is allowed till 12 midnight.
  • Students shall not carry any food to their hostel rooms.
  • Valuables, not to be kept inside the room. Students will remain responsible for any loss if any.
  • Drying of wet clothes is not allowed inside the hostel rooms. Clothes can be spread only on the roof top. The Roof will be closed after 5 pm daily by the warden.
  • Mobiles are allowed only sat (After 2 pm) & sunday upto 9 pm. to the students in whole training period. No 2nd Mobile is allowed.
  • Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel rooms.

A. Student’s visitors are allowed to visit them on Sundays and Govt. Holidays from 10 am to 5pm in summer and from 10am to 4pm in winter & Saturday 2-5pm & Wednesday 4-6 PM.
B. Only two visitors are allowed at a time with visiting card provided to them on admission.