Why Choose Anandaloke Institute of Nursing Education

We were established to firstly provide health and prosperity to the people of the society and also to upgrade the quality of nursing training that existed then. We have been a revolutionary institution from years now and let us highlight few aspects of ours, that cements your choice on us:


  • We believe that Nursing is one of the most indispensable education that is required within a society.
  • The art of Nursing and its skill provides a platform to serve the community best.
  • Nursing is a noble and dedicated profession full of challenges.
  • Advanced learning, training and research work, to help nurses meet the social standards.
  • Education beyond the profession that teaches them to be a responsible member of the society.


  • Skilled nursing care based on scientific principles in recent healthcare system.
  • To be an edge ahead in this current competitive profession.
  • To create nurses that excels in safe nursing care.
  • Blend of biological & behavioral sciences into their training.
  • Promoting of healthy society by being an active team member of the society.
  • Enhancing leadership skills to work with a team and as a team.