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About Us

About Anandaloke Paramedical Institute

Paramedical science is the science that deals with pre hospital emergency services. The region has now seen major need in the field of Paramedics and so more and younger enthusiast have been indulging in one of many courses. The career opportunities for them now are huge and the quality of paramedic education was below average. So, we took it upon ourself to bring up the quality of courses related to paramedics. This is why we formed this school of paramedical science for each and every income groups or families.

The ultimate aim of the institution is to prepare the admitted students into a highly skilled human resource in the area of medical teaching, research and health technology that not only get good employment but could in turn contribute in creation and enhancement of such a work force in the future. Our courses are scientifically improvised for better implementation and latest technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population in this region and throughout India. Our core values are implemented along with the education process for an all round development. We train the generation towards innovation and efficiency, Compassion, Respect for all and Excellent services towards the society. We also seek to generate a strong career and our ultimate mission is to train and teach young talents, to bring prosperity to the community and society as whole and to make the quality of life better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to play a leading role in shaping the younger generation towards better employment opportunities without compromising on the moral education and implementation of innovations in their knowledge. We do this in hope for a better society.