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Rules & Regulations

Admission Rules & Regulations

Ragging Ia Strictly Prohibited

Students to strictly follow all rules and regulations

The copy of Rules and regulations will be provided on admission

Class Room

  • 1. Students are supposed to be punctual in their class & clinical field with proper uniform
  • 2. They should be present in ward/class at sharp 8 am.
  • 3.Silence is to be maintained within the classroom with proper class till the respective teacher arrives.

Clinical Field

  • 1. Students are expected to perform their duties according to their year of experience.
  • 2. Clean Uniform, hairs tied to a neat bun with net, short nails, no nail polish and black covered shoes to be worn in clinical fields.
  • 3. Pocket articles & daily diaries to be carried to clinical field. No Mobile is allowed in the class & clinicals
  • 4. Student nursing will inform the on duty supervisor teacher staff nurse or sister in charge in case of any confusion while giving nursing care to patient.
  • 5. Students are supposed to perform their related procedures under supervision & guidance of their Tutors/Sister in charge/Staff nurse on duty.


  • 1. Students are expected to perform their duties according to their year of experience
  • 2. They will keep their bed & belongings clean and tidy.
  • 3. They shall keep their personal books & belongings on their own study table locker provided to them.
  • 4. No cooking or use of any electrical gadgets other than light & fan, inside the room is allowed.
  • 5. Room lights to be switched off within 10 pm, exceptional on preparatory leave and examinations when it is allowed till 12 midnight.
  • 6. Students shall not carry any food to their hostel rooms.
  • 7. Valuables, not to be kept inside the room. Students will remain responsible for any loss if any.
  • 8. Drying of wet clothes is not allowed inside the hostel rooms. Clothes can be spread only on the roof top. The Roof will be closed after 5 pm daily by the warden.
  • 9. Mobiles are allowed only sat (After 2 pm) & sunday upto 9 pm. to the students in whole training period. No 2nd Mobile is allowed.
  • 10. Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel rooms.
    • A. Student’s visitors are allowed to visit them on Sundays and Govt. Holidays from 10 am to 5pm in summer and from 10am to 4pm in winter & Saturday 2-5pm & Wednesday 4-6 PM.
    • B. Only two visitors are allowed at a time with visiting card provided to them on admission.
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